A bulletproof team is the ultimate in teamwork, performance,

and employee satisfaction.


The concept of the bulletproof team comes from three diverse disciplines: top performing organizations, academic research, and SWAT!

It all started when a police sergeant was charged with developing a tactical team for serving high-risk search warrants, arresting dangerous felons, and rescuing hostages. His budget for personnel? Zero dollars. The amount of paid overtime for education and training? Zero dollars. The amount allotted for additional equipment? Zero dollars.

Was this even possible?

He would have to utilize officers who already had other, full-time assignments, ask them to volunteer their time and purchase their own equipment. Oh and by the way, they might be killed while performing their additional responsibilities.

Wow. How could that work?

But it did work. That team, the Rogers, Arkansas Special Tactics And Response Unit, became a world-class organization that, over two decades later, has never failed on a mission and never lost an innocent life or suffered the death of a team member.

That team became literally bulletproof.

That sergeant, Tim D. Keck, worked his way up through the ranks to Chief of Police. Along the way he became a student of leadership and teamwork, studying successful organizations and perusing academic research on the topic.

After leaving law enforcement, he combined his knowledge and experience to develop a framework for how high-performing teams get stuff done.

For the last decade his organization, Performance Insights, LLC, has helped organizations all over the world increase productivity, profitability, teamwork and employee well-being. Yours could be next.



Tenets of a Bulletproof Team


An organization must understand why it exists, who it wants to serve, and what it wants to accomplish. Important components of this tenet are vision, business definition, layered values, and passion. A bulletproof purpose is the single biggest determiner of clarity.


An organization must also develop a way to achieve its purpose – a blueprint for success. Key elements here include flexible strategy, budgeting, and logistics within an ethical framework.


 Without great people, working toward a shared purpose, no organization can truly succeed. Primary factors here include involving the right people, fully engaged and doing what they do best each day, in a field they are passionate about.


From the founder to the front-line supervisor, everything rises and falls on leadership. Bulletproof leaders are self-aware and use their style and strengths to influence others to the greater good. Important components here include understanding and implementing the other five tenets to effect positive change. Of the six principles, this is the single most important as it drives all the others.


The most difficult of all the principles to implement and maintain, strong relationships across the organization are absolutely critical for success. These connections must be authentic (based on person-to-person, not associate-to-associate), advantageous (making each other better) and appropriate (within moral and ethical boundaries). Key elements are foundational trust, robust conflict, and sacrificial commitment to each other and the cause.


Where great organizations keep their focus, this tenet is almost a given when the other five are fully implemented. Determining the right outcomes, then doing what it takes to get there, is harder than worrying about office politics or keeping the boss happy, but the payoff is success at a level not often witnessed by mere mortals. Primary considerations are collective goals, simple metrics, and proper rewards.

A bulletproof team consistently exceeds expectations in an environment where people love both what they do and who they do it with.

Does that sound good? Does the idea of a cohesive team, working well together, challenging each other and succeeding against the odds sound like a great idea? But does it seem almost too good to be true?

It’s not.

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